Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lesson learnt

I was trying to clear my very neglected email account today. Over time my email address has been entered onto all sorts of random websites so I now get spammed every day to within an inch of my life. As I was deleting the majority of the irrelevant rubbish in my account I happened to click into my sent items. Almost immediately one email leapt out at me, mainly because of the date - 22/09/09, the day before Lucy died and two days before she was born. It was to my friend in Scotland, and was entitled 'Why I love pregnancy - NOT!!'.

For about five minutes I sat looking at the subject heading and the date and my heart was pounding in my chest.

An email sent to a pregnant friend, about my pregnancy - the pregnancy where I was carrying Lucy. Did I dare open it?

I knew in my head and heart that it would be better to leave it unopened. It was a relic from a different time, written by a different person as I was then. But like a scab that needs picking I eventually gave in.

A lot of jumble, a lot of rubbish, but then the words that smacked me in the heart, typed by my own fair hand:

"...I am soooooo sick of being pregnant! I want this baby out NOW!!! I have had enough, I should be thankful I've had such an easy pregnancy but to be honest I am bored now - enough already!! This is BORING BORING BORING!"

I have read and re-read that sentence so many times this afternoon. I can't stop reading it. It takes me back to the person I was at that point, I remember so clearly where I was when I typed that.

What a stupid, stupid immature little girl. Selfish. Ungrateful, urgh HOW UNGRATEFUL was I?!? Reading that sentence makes me want to cry (and has several times today) and also makes me want to smash my head into the wall.

Sometimes (a lot of the time actually) I wonder if God was trying to teach me a very hard lesson.


  1. Oh no. I don't think you were stupid, immature, selfish or ungrateful. You couldn't have known.

    Hundreds, if not thousands, of women write or think those very same things I'm sure. And I'm sure that most of them go on to have healthy babies. It's just awful, unfair, horrible bad luck. xo

  2. And yay! I can comment again. I've been desperately trying to comment on your blog for AGES and blogger wouldn't let me.

    Many congratulations on the birth of your little Georgia. I've been here reading along the whole time xo

  3. It's easy to say you were stupid and selfish looking back but at the time you had no idea what was ahead. I wish you could be 'stupid' and 'selfish' again so that you wouldn't have to know what this world is like.