Sunday, 6 February 2011

'Count the kicks' - another heartbreaking reminder

Yet again the public eye is on a celebrity pregnancy for the worst conceivable reason.The devastating news of Amanda Holdens loss has touched the hearts of many, myself included, for obvious reasons. However it also provides an opportunity to raise the public profile of baby loss and in doing so may just save lives. 

Chloe's Count the Kicks campaign is working towards empowering expectant mums by giving them the facts and information they need to monitor their babies movements and help keep their baby safe, visit the website here.

God bless baby boy Holden, sleep tight little man, another star in the sky.

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  1. Hi Amy. I saw your comment on Chad's blog and just wanted to say how beautiful it was. Made me cry!

    We lost Eilidh Beth at 33wks+6 on 24th Sept 2010 ~ I'm tired just now but I'll be back to read your blog too. I don't use Kirabo much, but my blog link is on our website