Monday, 18 October 2010

I think the time has come... check myself into hospital.

Firstly, thank you to my wonderful angel mummy friends who posted and messaged during the Wave of Light to say they were remembering Lucy along with their own angels. It meant a lot to us both, I am sorry I haven't thanked via FB personally but I am avoiding the place at the moment as I can't handle all the enquires from my well meaning non baby loss friends whose optimism I just can't share about this pregnancy. We quietly lit our candle on Friday and shed a few tears, always such a poigniant moment seeing that golden light and thinking about the millions of candles burning brightly around the world and each little life that they signify.

So it's Monday morning, my section is planned for Thursday morning. I have tried and tried to hold it all together, taking it day by day. But I have reached a point where I just can't cope anymore. Every single day I am gripped by fear about her movements, despite now having daily CTGs for reassurance. Is she moving too much? Too little? Was that panic I felt in her last kick?

And so I asked myself this morning, what exactly am I trying to prove by staying at home? Well, I wanted this to be as 'normal' as possible towards the end. I wanted to spend one last night with John in our own home as a a couple before we realised our dream of becoming parents. I wanted to be in my own home with my own possesions around me. All very idyllistic of course, and at what cost? My own sanity? How many more nights can I lay awake for hours, or crying to myself through fear? The nights are long, lonely and suffocating. Bad thoughts creep in, negative emotions and they destroy any hope and positivity I have. For the sake of a few days I may as well take the hospital up on their offer of a bed and reassurance.
So I am going to my last scan today, and I am going to request to be admitted. It feels like a surrender in some ways, a defeat. I feel I have given in to the fear. But as long as in a few days time my little girl is safely here and in my arms I really don't care. Just 3 more days. Praying, hoping, dreaming of my 'happy ending'.


  1. Oooh I am thinking about you!! It's not about giving in to the fear! You're totally rational and justified here. I think being there will provide you with such comfort as you enjoy your final days of your pregnancy before your baby is in your arms! I think it's a great idea and I'll really be keeping you in my thoughts!! *hugs*

  2. Thinking about you....and knowing that you are making the best choices for you and your baby. It's just around the corner.... Hugs.

  3. Do what is best for yourself and your sanity!! Thinking of you and your little one.

  4. <3

    I've been thinking of you! Do what makes you feel most comfortable. If you feel safest in the hospital, that's where you should be.

  5. I don't blame you at all! I would check myself in now at 32 weeks if I could! Praying for you and a happy ending!