Monday, 24 May 2010

Second trimester

Hmm well here I am in the Second Trimester. I like typing those words as there have been many paranoid moments where I didn't think I'd get here.

I have been away from the blogging world for a little bit, life just gets in the way sometimes. Today I announced Rainbows existence on Facebook. I debated putting it on there, but in the end my excitedness won out. To be honest most people that are close to me already know, and even those that don't have guessed by my already protruding stomach.

 Too many sausage rolls and crisps I'll wager, but it is looking more bumpy these days.
Only 3 weeks until our private gender scan, I am very excited about it now and feel like a kid before Christmas. I haven't bought anything and am not sure that I will, I feel that I will always just play at 'pregnancy' and never actually graduate to 'Mummy' status. It's strange.
I am enjoying being pregnant again although it feels surreal. I like the second trimester, I loved it with Lucy. So much happens, baby's first movements, the 20 week scan, baby's first kicks. So it's a nice time for me at the minute, a time to be enjoyed. I am just hoping things keep going well.


  1. Happy 2nd trimester!! I'm in the 2nd too and really enjoying it. I love all the movements. They are reassuring!!

  2. So excited for you!! How many weeks are you now? I'm not showing at all yet but I guess that's because I'm big to start with. Your belly is so cute :)

  3. i wish the best for you and baby :)